What is thefuelcast.com

A brand new innovative, project bringing you a short but powerful, biblical, devotional video every week day of the year.

Why 'Fuel'?

Apparently, when it comes to our Christian lives, many of us are running on empty. The conviction, confidence and passion we once had is running out. What we need is fuel. When you add fuel there is fresh energy and power; fuel brings conviction, confidence and growth That’s what thefuelcast.com is all about: daily fuel for people who want to take their discipleship journey seriously and invest in their faith journey - we exists to help people of faith, strengthen their faith.

Who are the speakers?

Pastors… Scholars… Youth Specialists…. You'll hear from a whole variety of speakers, from a whole variety of churches and organisations on the fuelcast.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. The Fuelcast is absolutely free. We do offer donation plans if you feel that you would like to support the project. Nothing is mandatory though, it is completely optional.

Sign up


When you sign up, as well as receiving your daily devotional video you’ll also be able to access our library page where you can view our whole catalogue of devotional videos.


If you have any questions about thefuelcast.com feel free to email us: andy@thefuelcast.com

Our sincere hope and prayer is that this resource will help you grow deeper in your discipleship, becoming the person you were created to be and living the more abundant life Jesus came to bring.

May God bless you and the ones you love with strong faith and good fuel.

Have a great day.

Andy Thomas